How To Make Connections On LinkedIn The Right Way


LinkedIn is a fabulous online networking tool which will help you develop your business and connections.

The problem is basically because it’s online, there are a great number of lazy most people out there who depend on the standard request:

“I’d like to combine you to my professional network.”

How many times perhaps you have received among these requests for connecting from someone in LinkedIn you’ve never heard about before?

They’re maddening, aren’t they?

I’m not the best at remembering names, therefore I guess there’s a slender chance that I might have fulfilled them at a meeting or networking event.

The nagging problem is, by sending LinkedIn’s generic invitation if you are “unidentified” to the recipient, it’s likely to be ignored.

Make it personal

It’s I know that the only method you may personalize your demand is if you select “connect” from the individuals LinkedIn profile from your own desktop or notebook. You do not get the option with all the app.

From my viewpoint, if you wish for connecting with me, you should tell me why.

There are a great number of folks away there that want to create themselves look well linked by sending requests to every Tom, Harry, and dick.

What’s the point for the reason that?

LinkedIn loses its efficiency as a potential advertising tool if you are connecting to random people.

No. If you would like to have the most from it and want for connecting to certain people, provide them with a damn justification why they should acknowledge.

How accurately to be personal

It’s understandable your LinkedIn profile should carry specialist photography of you. Keep the types of cycling, working, or dance on tables for Facebook.

Then you should begin your request with a greeting bearing the recipient’s name (spelled properly).

Tell them just how they are known simply by you. You possess mutual acquaintances perhaps, follow one another on Twitter, or fulfilled at a networking event, conference etc.

Once you have done that inform them why you wish to join with them accompanied by a short description about what you do.

Finish off with a bit of flattery about their work (not so much that it’s creepy or embarrassing) and sign off in a friendly way.


Personally, if I get the generic connection request, it’s very unlikely I’ll accept (especially if I don’t know the sender) and I’m sure I’m not alone.

If you want to make an impact and some valuable connections, put in the effort to make it personal.

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