These Simple Tricks Can Help You Crack Govt Jobs


Cracking government jobs is usually no easy feat, especially if you have no idea where to start and how to prepare. More than hard work, you need to know tricks that can help you to score high marks. There will be a list of questions that you should resolve during the exam within a limited time. If you know the tricks to solve the answers faster, you will be able to complete solving all the questions. This will also increase your chance of getting high scores in both central govt jobs and also state govt jobs. Given below is a list of tricks and suggestions to help you crack examinations for getting government jobs easily:

  • Practice previous year’s question papers. You can gather the previous five years’ question papers and practice those at home. Doing this will give you an idea of the types and patterns of questions for the examination. So, when you sit for an exam, you will know which section to total first and where to start.


  • Buy sample papers and solve online sample papers too. Sample papers are the exact reflection of the actual examination papers. So, by practicing sample papers you will be more exam-ready. Try to solve each sample paper within a specific time frame. Generally, all sample papers are available along with the solutions. So, after solving the questions given in the sample papers, you can check the solved paper yourself for errors. This will help you to learn better and faster.


  • If possible, visit a govt. job portal online. From such an online site you will be able to get tips and tricks on solving questions. In addition to that, you can also get regular information on exam dates and syllabus. Any important switch in the dates of application of written examination or any update can be seen immediately from such a portal.


  • You must practice solving question papers and also sample papers within a limited time frame. This would help you to solve the question paper during the examination on time. Many students ignore the importance of solving papers within a certain fixed time. Thus, they often fail to manage to solve all the questions during the examination.


  • Group studies are advisable for preparing well. For example, in case you have a few friends who are also preparing for the same SSC jobs, you can study along with them. This will help you to learn many new methods while you will be able to share yours. You can also get your solution sheets of mock assessments checked by them while you check theirs. You can even share study materials among each other.

Follow these tricks to make studying for government jobs easier and hassle-free. You will also be able to score high marks.


The author is a high school student who is preparing for West Bengal government jobs. He aims to be a teacher and is preparing well in advance for scoring high marks.

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